Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kate Spade Inspired Canvas Tote Bag

When my coworker/friend suggested we do a craft day, I scoured pinterest trying to get inspired by others' diy projects. There were lots of cool things, but nothing practical for my lifestyle needs. When my friend suggested painting canvas bags, I knew this was perfect as I was looking for a cute large tote bag I could bring to the pool or the beach. I found this picture of Kate Spade's "South of the Border" canvas bon shopper, I knew this would be an easy DIY project. 

Kate Spade "South of the Border" Bon Shopper

We bought large canvas bags from Joann (3 for $11 after my 40% off coupon!). Before painting, I sketched out my design consisting of my favorite shave ice (as you call it in Hawaii) flavors and shave ice cones. I used fabric paints I already had to create the colors I needed, carefully blending colors to match the flavors. The best part about this design is that it's okay if the lettering is uneven and imperfect. It's supposed to be that way! I'm super pleased with the end result. What do you guys think?

My DIY version

Here are some other painted canvas bags that I think are totally DIY-able:

Pink striped ombre tote
Kate Spade bag: Could be done with letter stencils!
Here's a DIY: Kate Spade inspired tote

A bag revealing it's contents :)
Chevron and monogrammed bag

For the ambitious...
Watercolor floral tote
Diamond printed tote

Hopefully this will inspire someone to go paint crazy on a simple canvas bag! I think it would make a cute and inexpensive gift for mother's day or a friend's birthday...or as we found out, a fun craft project to do with a friend. Happy Thursday everyone! Yay, it's almost the weekend...although weekends are almost meaningless when you work in a hospital that sometimes requires you to to be at work at 6am on a Sunday. Just makes me appreciate "sleeping in" that much more.